Hello Kitty Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Get relief from cold and flu symptoms and bring wellness to your entire family with this adorable humidifier. Featuring an award-winning, child-friendly designs and top-rated performance, the Hello Kitty Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier provides up to 24 hours of soothing moisture to help relieve the effects of dryness and congestion, helping you and your family to breathe easy and sleep through the night peacefully. The moisture that humidifiers add to dry air also help alleviate many common nuisances brought on by winter heating such as static electricity, peeling wallpaper, shrinking wood, and cracks in paint and furniture. 


- Removable half gallon tank fits under most bathroom sinks for easy filling and runs whisper quiet up to 24 hours
- Anti-microbial material reduces mold and bacteria growth by up to 99.96%
- Ultrasonic Cool Mist effectively humidifies up to 500 square feet for easier breathing and a good night's sleep
- This humidifier does not require a filter, but for homes with hard water, demineralization filters can be purchased and used with this unit
- Humidifier automatically shuts off when the water level is low

Brand: Crane USA


10*3*7 inches


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